Connected 3M - Connected Workmen,Machine,Material


Linkeddots Connected 3M Product provides you an integrated view of your Plan vs. Actual of Man, Machine & Materials. This platform integrates with various third-party sensors based on RFID, BLE, QR Code and Face Recognition technologies, applications and ERP products.

Manufacturing & Construction Industries can plan their project activities of Workmen, Machines and Materials and monitor the daily progress.

A typical Manufacturing plant or Construction Companies plans for Workmen, Raw Materials and Machines and produce Finished Goods.


Linkeddots Connected 3M Product provides you to manage Man, Machine and Material and provide the following benefits.

  • Integrated View of Man, Machines & Materials.
  • Contactless, Non -Intrusive Workmen Tracing.
  • Digital Work Permits
  • Real time alerts – SMS & alerts.
  • Vendor Transactions & approvals
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