Oil and Gas


Managing sensor data without intervention of human beings in a contactless, non-intrusive manner is one of the key requirements for managing offshore operations in Oil & Gas.

Linkeddots Industrial IoT Products are housed in ATEX Enclosure providing Contactless and Non-Intrusive of measuring movement of People & Things.

Linkeddots application provides you real time exception alerts based on business needs.

Linkeddots Industrial IoT Products helps Oil & Gas Industries manage Time, Cost and Safety of Workmen, Machineries and Materials through its Products and Solutions.

Linkeddots products seamlessly integrates with ERP systems and provide real time visibility of people and things

Linkeddots Connected3M, Connected Man, Machine and Materials provides workflows for managing 3Ms and managing your Money and Methods by providing Industrial IoT Products

Here is a brief overview of Industrial IoT Products for Oil & Gas:

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