Visitor Management System


In today’s world, nature of problem and concerns of managing Visitor and Contractors are so different and so important that there is a need for Contactless, Continuous Presence Management System for managing Contractors & Visitors. Existing Systems - Biometric, RFID, and other systems lack providing continuous measurement of Presence in the Campus. ng working hours, track overtime and generate billing reports.

Typical questions that Enterprises face for managing Visitors & Contractors are

  • Where the person is right now in my campus?
  • Are they at right place?
  • How do I measure the workplace presence efficiency for Contractors?
  • Are they visiting unauthorized areas which they aren’t permitted to?. Is there any alerts if so happens?
  • Is there any triggers when person found beyond authorized areas and time limit?
  • Is there a way to get Real-time presence, security audits and metrics?
  • Can we get Real-time Alarms and notification?
  • Is anyone left behind during Emergency Evacuation and where?

This application addresses the above questions.


  • Visitor Self Service Check in
  • Non-Intrusive, Contactless Track & Trace
  • Alerts based on unauthorized movement
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